Privacy Policy


Our host server tracks the number of visitors, the IP address of visitors and the browser they are connecting with. This information is cached for 24Hrs. We do not collect any other data, use cookies or other tracking methods.


We take our responsibility to hold data about you seriously. We hold customer data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) because processing is necessary for the performance of the contract you have entered into in respect of your purchase of the property, or is necessary for compliance with a legal, regulatory or industry best practice obligation to which we are subject. In exceptional circumstances, we may share your data with third parties such as in occurrence of a building emergency such as a fire or flood it may be expedient to share your contact details with a neighbour or contractor so as to avoid harm to individuals or reduce the risk of damage to the building or property. In such cases we will try to contact you beforehand so that you can choose whether or not to give permission. Rarely, contractors carrying out work may be given your contact details in order that they can complete their work to a satisfactory standard (for example on leasehold estates where timber windows need to be opened so that they can be decorated). Also, where there has been a breach of the contract or other important document relating to your property and we are required to instruct a solicitor or other professional company in order to rectify the matter. Breach of covenants and non-payment of service charges are examples of this. Our full Privacy Notice is available on request.